GET RIPPED. GET BIG. Become the Ultra-Fit Man You Are Meant to Be In Just 60 Days!

Menstrong™ is the expertly-designed training program that unleashes the beast inside you. 
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The Training System That Delivers Real Results 
We have developed two unique programs to help you achieve your personal goals: 
Get Big and Get Ripped
Designed by sponsored fitness athlete TJ Bacquain and renowned fitness trainer and stunt actor Big Mike, each program is guaranteed to help you exceed your fitness goals in just 60 days. 
Menstrong™ creates Strong Men. 

Are You Looking to Get Big or Get Ripped?

No matter what you are looking to achieve with your body, we have the program to make it happen. 
Our fitness experts provide you with the guidance, training programs, daily motivation and support to take your fitness game to the next level. 
We help you push yourself, so that you can give your best everyday to make your fitness goals a reality. 

Real Results!

The results speak for it's self. Menstrong worked. - Satvir M.

Everything You Need to Get Big and Get Ripped

From the moment that you become part of the Menstrong™ family, you know that you will have all the tools to transform your body into peak physical condition. 
Each Get Big or Get Ripped program the planning and guidance from our Menstrong™ leaders that have you in impeccable shape within 60 Days. 
  Comprehensive Fitness Program 
Each Menstrong™ program includes specially-designed 
●      Daily Workouts 
●      Nutritional Plan 
●      Meal Plan 
●      Motivation & Inspiration 
●      And Bonus Fitness Tools! 
All elements of the fitness plan work together to make you stronger, more agile, more powerful and more mentally strong for unmatched performance! 
  Exercise Video Library 
Instantly see the right way to complete every exercise in your program with our online video library. Our instructors take you through step-by-step instruction you know how to safely Get Big and Get Ripped! 
  Lifetime Access 
Joining Menstrong™ means you are a member for life! 
That means you can take advantage of our programs as many times as you like, keeping yourself in the best shape at all times. 
  Nutritious Recipes 
We keep you eating well while staying healthy. 
Each week we add new, delicious recipes that are in line with our fitness programs so that you can enjoy your meals while staying fit. 
  Exclusive Member Group 
The Menstrong™ group offers you support, bonus fitness material and other information that is only available for Menstrong™ members. 
Your Complete 60 Day Workout Program 
Available online and on any mobile device, you can take Menstrong™ with you wherever you go! 


Menstrong ‘Get Ripped’ & ‘Get Big’ Bundle

Get the full fitness experience with Lifetime Access to both of our revolutionary 60-day programs led by BigMike and TJ. Get Your Bundle Now
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Get Ripped Program

Led by TJ, this program has one goal in mind: getting you as RIPPED as possible! The complete fitness blueprint for shredded abs, cut muscles and a godlike physique. Get Ripped Now
View course $35

Get Big Program

BigMike has a simple yet effective program that gets you big and lean in just 60 days! Trust the man that has been a powerhouse for over a decade to turn you into a beast. Get Big Now
View course $35